You are buying a tool that is used to re-size the sealing rings on either a 4L80E or a 4L85E transmission.  This is the small one, it goes on the forward clutch end of the input shaft.  The tool is a steel copy of the GM Kent-Moore tool, we have gone through several of the plastic ones last year so we decided to make them out of steel and have not had to replace it as of yet.  It is very simple to use:

  • Remove the old seals
  • Use our seal expander to expand the seals to the proper ID – or –
  • Expand the new ones over the land, being careful not to over expand it
  • Center the new seals in the groove
  • Lubricate the tool with trans-gel
  • Gently guide the LARGE end of the taper over the seal to initially collapse it into the groove and size it
  • Once both seals are initially sized, flip the sizer over now using the SMALL tapered end, this will insure the bottom seal is properly sized

We also have the seal expander and the pump sizing tool available and will combine shipping on multiple orders.