“Off the shelf” OEM components are incorporated into BET Performance product designs to increase interchangeability (sensors, gears, triggers, etc). For example, genuine GM sensors (PN 10485432) are in our Vortec replacement distributors. All of our distributors include high quality GM melonized gears (PN 10456413) for use on hydraulic roller cams and flat tappet camshafts.
It’s all about attention to detail and a commitment to quality — both hard to come by in larger, mass production facilities.

BET Performance is a small automotive design and manufacturing company located in Carson City, Nevada. We began making replacement distributors for friends and locals about 10 years ago. Far superior to factory plastic distributors, BET Performance distributors performed so well that we decided to make them available to the entire automotive aftermarket.

Being a “small company” doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or convenience. For example, our low carbon steel distributor shafts feature oversized permanently lubricated lower bushings and ABEC-5 bearings for high RPM stability. Distributor housings are machined from high grade billet aluminum on state of the art machines like this HAAS vertical mill.